#ComicsCorner: Snooze Take-Over

15th December, 2015


Wing It. Til You Win It

So one day, in a moment of ‘What-Do-I-Have-To-Lose’, you decide that you’re going to go up to the hottest chick in the room and ask to take her out – not like mafia-take-you-out, more like dinner-and-a-movie-take-you-out…  To your surprise she actually says yes! 

Don’t just stand there and make awkward eye contact like a sex pest! It’s time to improvise and see how far your whit and charm takes you. I call this swinging into WING IT Mode, it’s like Beast Mode only less satanic sounding. 

WING IT MODE is a mindset. It’s where your mind goes when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself. WIN IT MODE is the little tape that loops in your head and says “I do know how I’m going to do this thing, but I know if I keep going in this direction it’s all going to work itself out in the end.” 

And guess what happens in the end? You’re sitting across the dinner table with that same girl celebrating your anniversary whilst wondering, “How did I get so lucky?” 

For me personally, Wing It Til You Win It is a philosophy I’ve lived my life on and it’s never let me down, most especially in the Comedy Central Grab The Mic Competition. Don’t get me wrong you need to prep before you Wing It. After all, they say Luck = Opportunity + Preparation. But the ability to master your inner Wing It Mode gives you the power to take that little tape that plays in your head, and crank it up to full blast until you cross that finish line.

So whether you’re trying to impress the hottest chick in the room, or just a comedian like me trying to impress the room, remember to take a leap of faith and WING IT ‘til you WIN IT!

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