#ComicsCorner: The Glen Bo Takeover

15th July, 2015

Moving to a new city can be harrowing.

Where’s the shop? Where’s the nearest food vibe? Where’s a cool pub? Ah here’s one. Oh no, that’s a café’ well, give me a Grande’ cap please and do you have Wi-Fi? What do you mean you don’t have Wi-Fi?   The whole experience is uplifting as well as potentially freighting. That’s compounded if you’ve moved to a new country. Ah, “Are you from Lundun!” say that in London to a local and you might get stabbed, or politely told to “fuck off back to Australia”.  As humans we’re forced into new situations all the time, some people embrace it like a giddy octopus on their faces or some have “the fear” . Holy balls, I have a cephalopod attacking me, why #IndependenceDayFlashback.   It’s all about perception, not perfection - and that brings me to my topic. Surviving “new” by killing fear.

New. It’s a very ordinary word, that can have such an impact if you prefix it with: experience, perception or view. Comedians use the term  “killing” in a absolutely positive way. Maybe it’s because subconsciously, one has to overcome the unknown in a few seconds, stepping onto that state. IF you do well – you killed!  The world doesn’t work like that. Hey look, Jim is killing Henry, with a shovel…. Yea call the Police.

So let’s focus on new experiences. I’ve lived in a bunch of cities & one of my biggest fear moments was saying goodbye to my family, to climb on a plane to London over a decade ago. It was an assault on the senses, but  I grew from the practise of just going for it.  As well as learnt how to cunningly use ear-phones to ignore people and stand upright in a metal-snake going underground with someone’s armpit on my head, ah the Underground. “Mind the gap” it never made sense, there’s no space in London.

I moved home and went to the East Coast, I loved Durban and what I got there was the understanding of a unique perception. “We don’t really care what you think” people there are incredibly good, art is good, music, comedy it’s all virtuous, but not enough people cared to show up.. consistently. You see there’s the negative, but the positive is it creates a unique setting. That’s a tip right there, use your situation to learn from it. Where you are will influence who you are, but your perception could change things. Change is worthy, and for a car-guard it’s a salary. The point is, try fresh things. Don’t be afraid to innovate or fail. Because you will, fail. . Failure is inevitable if you’re trying something new, but one day.. one day you’ll try something and it will click. Success isn’t overnight, I feel sorry for Pop Idols, because that’s what the bubble-gum generation WHY expect. Sorry man, get out of your comfort zone and go do something. Maybe one day you’ll create a new peanut butter made from unicorn tears or bum-book ( the biggest competitor to Facebook) and you’ll finally be happy as in your version of the movie biopic, your character beats up Justin Timberlake whilst humming, Cry me a river. I like rock & roll and alternative but damn that’s a good song.

I read that life begins at the end of your comfort zone and recently I’ve embraced that, by doing something a little different.  Why?  Well off a fresh nice big leap in life, something didn’t work out the way I planned. I picked myself up and started boxing-clever in a bunch of ways. I embraced by cheffy background and started cooking again, I jumped back into strategy and made impact. I’ve literally started boxing too.  I walked into the most successful MMA gyms in RSA, amongst giant people who could kill you with a flick of an eye. And I joined. I learnt just like metal-heads, they are the nicest people around. Don’t get me wrong, it’s shit hard. My conditioning coach Chad has taught me mind of matter & other trainers and coaches, Chef, Dino, Frenchie all have reignited a sense of dedication. Well you need to be dedicated when do you do something new, otherwise you might look like a right ol tit. Follow the story here (http://www.facebook.com/FightFitMilitiaFFM )  But I’m stiff as I write this. Cross-fit… is called that, because it makes you angry, then sad, then very sore and then – wow I can lift a tyre!  And probably beat up a Transformer ( from the movie not a Kardashian) ooooh ahhh it’s a joke.

While I get broken down to do a Boxing match later this year for charity, starting this new-path, I’m happy I got over the fear of “I’ll do it tomorrow” and Branson’ed it by thinking “Screw it let’s just do it”. The “I’ll do it tomorrow”, stops many people from finding their vibes.  Sometimes it won’t work folks, you might start something and fall down. Sometimes it’s a Well and you fall into it & die, but again innovating well-wishes, can be dangerous. Stay away from physical Wells.. that’s the moral there.

It’s a cycle folks, ups and downs, a wheel if you will. “Grab onto my spokes if you like, says the Wheel, but don’t complain when I cast you back down into the depths” Boethius.  It’s a cellar-door-Donnie-Darko narrative. Choose your path, try new things and as much as you can, kill fear. Get out there & kill it!  Unless Fear is your neighbour’s dog.

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