Hairlarious Mullet Photograph Goes Viral

21st July, 2015

Ziggy- The mullet styled individual in the picture has been receiving quite a response for his interesting hair-do.

Ziggy, the owner of said mullet, was captured enjoying an 18th Birthday Party in Sydney.

The picture has gone viral from last Tuesday and has been edited and turned into hilarious memes. This picture has been viewed 1.7 million times and has 11,415 comments so far.

As many wise men have said: The past is best remembered and not repeated. This sentiment obviously has flown over Ziggy’s head. The mullet was introduced in the 1970’s and still seems to be adopted by a select few individuals who become spectacles of entertainment. The internet has gone wild and has celebrated this hairlarious photograph!

Source: Daily Mail

The original snap of Ziggy who needs a wiggy

Pin the Mullet on Ziggy

Children can now enjoy a 70’s themed My Little Pony.

The Mullet has even entered the realm of History!

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