John Vlismas Presents Revelations II “The Good Racist”.

12th August, 2016

Save the date and get yourself tickets to Revelations II “The Good Racist” at MonteCasino JHB on the 26th & 27th of August 2016

There is always a Part 2 after a successful Part 1. So it’s here. John Vlismas is set to entertain all comedy lovers and is finally hosting his Revelations 2 on the 26-27th of August 2016 at MonteCasino, Johannesburg. This is going to be an ultimate laughing Fest with the Theme of ‘The good racist’ adding humour to such a ‘dark’ and complicated topic.

John Vlismas has created a movement on twitter with the hashtag #AskJohn where anybody can tweet him any question or questions that are race related and some of those questions will be featured in the show. So be a part of the show and be sure to tweet him all the questions you have in mind then buy a ticket and hear what he has to say.

The tickets to Revelations II “The Good Racist” are available at TicketPro with the prices going from R130.00 onwards per person. You can purchase your ticket HERE

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