2nd December, 2015

Ever been stuck in a relationship that you couldn't see yourself getting out of easily? These guys have taken break-ups to the next level by creating the funniest and wackiest lies to jump ship. Reddit users have come out about their craziest break-up lies and it's haunted them many years down the line!

One man confessed that he broke up with his girlfriend by telling her he was being sentenced to prison!

Another man lied about being deployed to exit the relationship!

Some lies come back to bite you in the butt, like this one guy: "I Told the girl I loved I was dying", "She eventually found out and we haven't talked since. Looking back I should've gotten help."

Some people are at liberty when it comes to lying and take it to the workplace.

One man used the excuse of his grandmother dying to get a few days off of work to go on a tour with his band!

Luckily he was never found out and his grandmother is still alive and well today.

The work absconder stated that, "I haven't worked there in many years, gramma's still fine. I don't even feel bad".

One guy made himself more appealing to a girl he liked by pretending he smoked to make himself seem more appealing!

"When I met my girlfriend I told her I smoked, because I thought it'd make me look cooler ... and that I would stop if she didn't like it," he said. "Three and a half years later and she still thinks I quit for her. I feel like such s*** whenever the topic comes up and she tells me how proud she is of me but it's gone on for so long I just gotta smile and say "it was nothing".

Source: Daily Mail


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