In a wide-ranging interview in the November issue of Playboy magazine, political satirist and Comedy Central fave Stephen Colbert reveals details about his show, his relationship with Jon Stewart, and a personal tragedy that got him into comedy. He also hints that he might be making a cameo in an upcoming Hobbit film!

Colbert, a self-proclaimed Tolkien fan since childhood, hinted he might be making a cameo in one of Peter Jackson's upcoming three Hobbit films after journeying to the set in New Zealand last year. Asked by the interviewer if he would be making a cameo, Colbert smiled and said: "Could be..."

Sir Peter Jackson is keeping mum over the rumour, but The Hollywood Reporter, quoting an unnamed, but "knowledgeable" source, has claimed that the Colbert Report host will make an appearance in the franchise.

We wait with bated breath!

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