Roast Battle Episode 4 - What you missed.

14th September, 2016

Roast Battle Episode 4 

If you did not know, on the 8th of September 2016. The 4th Episode of Roast Battle happened at Parker's Comedy Club in Fourways, Monte Casino. It definitely was one hell of a night especially for all the comedians who did not take the Golden glove home. Here is an update of what you missed out on.


1. Chris Mapane gave us an Amazing opening act.

2. Our MC Ms Ayanda MVP did the most and kept us all entertained and warmed up.

3. We had Khaya Dlanga there as one of our Judges for the Battles.

4. Not forgetting our other Judge Mr Joe Parker alongside Our Raw Roast Master John Vlismas.

Round 1: Neil Green vs Lazola Gola where Lazola won the Round.

Round 2: Nicholas Goliath vs David Levinsohn and David won the Round.

Round 3: Vittorio Leonardi vs Yaaseen Barnes and Yaaseen won this Round.

The Final Round Was between Lazola Gola and David Levinsohn. Then...

The winner of Roast Battle Episode 4 is David Levinson.

If you missed the Live Show make sure that you do not miss it when it does air in the near future to see all the chest pains that were witnessed. #CCLive

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