Roast Battle - The Grand Finale

23rd November, 2016

A Night in November to Remember

It's that time of the month again. Where we get our comedians to come together and go Head to Head inThe Roast Battle Finale. The remaining comedians are those who won the previous Six Rounds and now the Best has to go against the Best. 

The Grand Finale will be taking place on Thursday The 24th of November 2016 at Parkers Comedy Club, Monte Casino, 20:00PM Sharp! Weather predictions have definitely been Heat, Thunder and a lot of Fire. 

Our Guest Judges Include The Big Dawg Himself, DJFresh as our Celebrity Judge & Darren Whackhead Simpson as our Industry Judge and our Line-up will go as follows:

Richelieu Beaunoir vs Dave Levinsohn

Mark Banks vs Donovan Goliath

Dillan Oliphant vs Thabiso Mhlongo

 Unfortunately Tickets are Sold out but you can still Follow us on Twitter for Live Feedback @ComedyCentralAF with the Hashtag #CCLive 

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