27th January, 2017

#DeadPoseChallenge: South Africans Have Gone Mad Again!

Warning: The contents of this article are on the graphic side. 

The year 2017 has just kicked off with a new cyber madness that has already consumed South Africans. The world is worried that Mzansi is breeding humans that have extensive capabilities to thrive in pure craziness. The strange new trend sees youngsters flooding the internet with photographs of themselves pretending to be dead. This has generated fury among social media users who kept wondering what inspired the extreme foolishness. 

Yes we are at it again; the South African youth have taken to social media to create a new trend that is turning heads, literally. The motif for the new challenge is not really clear but it has sure had a deadly impact on the rest of the world.  (BuzzFeed SA)

Ugandan Officer Buried With $5,700 

Charles Obong, the Ugandan officer who was buried with a staggering $5,700 stated in his testament, that he should be buried with the vast amount of money so he can bribe God to enter heaven. He also requested that his brother and sister should be present to ensure his wife follows the testament he made in his letter.

For those of you who say, “you cant take your money to the grave”. Think again.  (BuzzFeed SA)

Why your cat might be causing your PMS

The best solution for premenstrual syndrome could be curling up on the sofa with your cat for some tender loving care (TLC). However, according to a recent scientific study, domestic felines could be the reason behind your PMS.  Symptoms of PMS range from stomach pain and headaches to nausea and they affect half of all women. 

For all those females out there, heed our warning. All that purrs is not gold. (Telegraph.co.uk)

'My father was a cult leader. I was his human experiment'

Katy spent 30 years in a cult where members were forced to share piles of  dark, drab charity shop clothes. Born into the Workers’ Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought – a strange and secretive “collective” that sprang up in south London in the 1970s –  Katy was a human experiment that was being prepared by her cult leader father for the moment he took over the world. (Telegraph.co.uk)


Punk'd Fails That Never Made The Air

Punk’d must have been one of the greatest shows of the 00s. Think about it, all they really did was to take a celebrity and make them cry, right there on national television. See some of the Punk’s Fails that were so bad they could not be aired. (Comedycentral.co.uk)

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