23rd January, 2017

8 Good Reasons why Friend break ups are harder than Real break ups

Being best friends with someone makes you feel like you will have that friendship forever. But it does happen that friends Break up and that has to be the most difficult thing to overcome actually it definitely is harder than a real break up and here is why. (SMOSH)

Who thought Jay-Z would have a Doppelgänger?

Jay-Z, known to be "The King of Rap" has a very unique look but don't worry, a White doppelgänger for him has been found - Troy Aikman. (IMGUR)

Plastic poncho’s are definitely not a friend of George W. Bush 

If you took some time off to watch The Inauguration and were bored, let this be the giggle you could have found in it.

Former President George Bush had a hard time with some plastic trying his best to keep dry during President Donald Trump’s address. (Huffington Post)

 Dog on lawnmower Gatecrashes a Tornado Broadcast - Random Much?

This has to be the most Random News but quite funny too. A News Broadcast on a Tornado that hit a Town was done but what is the Dog doing on the Lawnmower? (IMGUR)

When you can’t help but Love Drama

We all know that one person who loves, lives and breathes Drama. Weird isn’t it? But it’s how it is. See how Drama lovers go out of their way just to create or be around Drama for their own Entertainment. (BuzzFeed)

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