30th January, 2017

The 5 Stages of Drunk

It’s that time of the month where everyone can afford to have a night out and possibly have some potent liquids shoved down their throats just to have a good time.

Here are the 5 stages of drunk you can use to identify if your mate has had a bit too much. (Collegehumor.com)

'Fries extra crispy'gets you weed in Popular Franchise

Two Burger King Employees are accused of using the drive-thru to sell some weed to customers who are aware of the "Code name"

Officers said that buyers would pull up to the drive-thru speakers and ask if "nasty boy" was working, and if he was there, they would ask for "fries extra crispy," revealed the investigation. (Fox News)

25 Tweets About Auto-correct That We're Gonna Need You To Read By The End Of The Day

We all need to admit that we've had that moment where you read a text and realize that auto-correct has launched you.So Here are some really hilarious tweets about auto-correct and how it Back Stabs us when we least expect it. (Funny or Die)

Girls ask boyfriends to identify this beauty item – See their answers

Take the contents of a make-up bag, find a male figure and then ask them to name each and everything that comes out of that bag. Well, it has been done where girls were challenged to send their boyfriends a picture of a blender, ask what it is and see the reply. Some of the replies had to be the funniest ever! (Mirror.co.uk)

"Nando's In America Has Opposed Trump's Muslim Ban In the Sauciest Way Possible" 

South Africans know Nando's to be right on the money in its witty appraisal of any controversial issue, and now the United States is taking in the same. The South African chicken eatery has joined a worldwide rush of resistance to U.S. President Donald Trump's questionable #MuslimBan with a new video and campaign declaring that #everyoneiswelcome at its restaurants.

These words were on the back of the sign: 

"Nando's Peri-Peri is an Immigrant EMPLOYING, Gay LOVING, Muslim RESPECTING, Racism OPPOSING, Equal PAYING, Multi CULTURAL chicken eatery where #everyoneiswelcome.  (Huffington Post)

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