26th January, 2017

Lamest Excuse goes to Speeding Driver caught speeding

Out of everything this driver could blame his bad driving for, he chose this excuse. Really? Was this the best he could come up with? Well, police officers stopped a speeding truck and the driver claimed to be exceeding the legal limit because “the wind was pushing me.” Could the wind push a ticket towards him too.(Huffington Post)

100 random facts

Ever just felt like roaming through the internet and finding something random but funny just to lift your spirits. Well we have the perfect thing for you and it is 100 random facts that will make you facepalm yourself. (Fact site)

61 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About "Friends"

Friends has to be one of the most liked Comedy central Classics that never really gets boring, if you get what we mean. See the 61 things that you probably did not know about Friends and will have a brain fart when you find out. (BuzzFeed)

Then and Now : Cast of Malcolm in the Middle

This is for all the Malcolm fans, See how the cast of Malcolm in the middle looks like now.We are sure you will be as shocked as we pretty much were.(The FW)

Mexican President Rejects Trump Order: We "Will Not Pay For Any Wall"

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto clearly is not happy with President Trumps Ideas of building walls to separate the two countries. He criticized the idea and it seems Donald’s plan has lapsed.

“I lament and reject the decision of the United States to continue building a wall that for years does not unite us, but divides us,” he said in a video address to the Mexican people.

 Let’s make a bet that Donald has a plan B.(BuzzFeed)

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