31st January, 2017

Man arrested for breaking into jail to hang out with friends

#FriendshipGoals We tell you.

 A man was arrested for trying to break into a Prison while he was high on a drug named “Flakka” because he genuinely wanted to see his friends according to the officers. (Celebgossip)

Here's why leaving your phone at work is a terrible idea

A cellphone is a very private thing so leaving your phone lying around could really be a bad idea for a number of reasons; like it can get stolen or worse case, stolen, but in this situation this cellphone ruined this guys street credit. See what went viral when man left his phone at work  (Mashable)

Surprisingly Wise Words … From First Graders

A first grade teacher gave her students the first half of a well-known proverb, then asked them to compete the saying.

See what the kids completed the sentences with for a good laugh. (Sixwise.com)

5 Famous People With Depressing Where Are They Nows

See where these long-lost celebrities are right now as you read this article. We not really sure if this is sad or just funny but we’ll let you judge that for yourself. (Cracked.com)

People Are Putting Makeup On Their Thighs. Is Everyone OK?

Did we miss the plot? We know that there are more serious issues that we could discuss like Trumps take over, world peace and so forth but can somebody address this issue. Why are people putting make up on their thighs? What is happening? LOL. (Huffington Post)


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