2nd February, 2017

Donald Trump's Muslim Ban Is An Opportunity For All Humane People To Reject Islamophobia

Simmi Areff shared how he feels about the “Muslim ban” implemented by the new president of The United States. “I’m tired of being associated with people who bastardise my religion. I should never feel sorry for being Muslim’ he says. Read on to see more about the popular comedians opinion of the new “ban”. (Huffington Post)

Here Are 28 of Twitter's Funniest Reactions to Beyoncé’s pregnancy

It has been announced that beyonce is pregnant; with twins!  Not since she dropped Lemonade has Twitter been in such a meltdown about Beyoncé-related news. Twitter obviously had a lot to say after this announcement. (Smosh)

Only A True “Friends” Fan Can Get 75% In This Character Quiz

Do you know your Elizabeth Hornswoggles from your Amanda Buffamonteezis? (BuzzFeed)

Murderer says detective ruined his Reputation

A convicted murderer has sued the a detective who arrested him, saying the investigator ruined his good name in comments published in the Times-News. This guy really respects his reputation hey?  (Blue Ridge now)

The Truth about "One Quick Game"

This is for all gamers, and we mean all of them. You come home from a long day and all you want to do is to entertain yourself with your favorite video game but because you really are tired, you  talk yourself into a “Quick game”. Well, here’s the rest of the story… (College humour)

The Annoying Realities of Being Robbed

We’re quite sure that most of us have been robbed, especially if you live in some of the busiest cities of your province and so forth. Here are some of the most annoying realities of being robbed for those who actually know how it feels (Points in Case)

Julius shaved his eyebrows off 

Kids have to be the funniest kinds of human to ever exist. You always hear about the weirdest things kids do but simply because they usually do what is at the top of their minds, for example “Julius”. You really need to see his reaction after he shaved his own eyebrows off (Justine Arce)

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