8th February, 2017

29 Lovely Ways To Spend Valentines Day If You’re Single

Sure, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t matter if you’re single… but being without a plus one can still suck sometimes. Here's some cool stuff to do if you're single and feeling a bit lonely on valentines day.

Woman’s lips swelled so much in botched filler treatment that her mum vomited when she saw her

A woman was left in hospital after a botched filler treatment caused her to lips swell up so much that her own mother vomited when she saw her. How bad could those lips have been, to have turned the stomach of someone who is born to  love you unconditionally – Must have really been bad

9 Must-See Movie Trailers From Sunday Night’s Super Bowl

Millions who are not even popular fans of American football the only two things we find interesting about the Super Bowl are the halftime show (Not  leaving out how Gaga Killed it) But here are 9 Must-See Movie Trailers From Sunday Night’s Super Bowl

17 Pictures That Only True Friends Fans Can Hope To Understand

Anyone who's anyone understands a reference to "being on a break". Even your grandma, would pick up on a cheeky mention of Smelly Cat. It takes a true Friends fan to understand the jokes behind these pictures.
To anyone else it's just a collection of weird snaps, but to you... to you, this is life. Enjoy.

New Series Detroiters: A Friendship That's All Hustle, No Flow

Comedy central UK brings you Detroiters: One of the perks of a true friendship is having someone who will never say "no" to your very worst ideas. This series follows two best friends, who live by the adage "no idea is a bad idea," as they navigate their way through Detroit's ad scene.

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