18th January, 2017

Which Friends Character Is Your January Spirit Animal?

We all know January is the hardest month of the year to get through, but are you doing it with Phoebe-style positivity, or are you more just doing your same old usual thing like Joey?

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People Are Sharing Fake Pictures Of Bikers For Trump Heading To The Inauguration

Donald Trump on Tuesday tweeted that Bikers for Trump — a group of bikers who supported him during his campaign — were “on their way” to the Jan 20 inauguration in Washington, DC.

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So long, Chokers – we’re all about these vagina necklaces now

Some choose to wear chokers around their necks, others choose to wear vaginas. And Australian artist and jewellery maker Emily Mystical is making the latter possible, by selling her NSFW accessories on her Etsy account. While Emily does sell other pieces, including dream-catchers and sculptures, it is her vagina accessories that have won her the most recognition.

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14 People Share What Rules Now Exist Because of Them

There are many ways to leave our mark during our short-time on this Earth. Perhaps the funniest way to do so is by forcing society to create rules so that more people don't do whatever crazy ass shit you did.

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24 Pics For People Who Are Dramatic AF

2017 is the year of self-awareness. If you’ve read literally anything I’ve written, you’ll know I’m dramatic AF but you know what? That’s okay. Because so are you. Here are a couple (more like 24) times you were DRAMATIC AF.

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