The Day Walker becomes the New Yorker

24th July, 2015

At the core of Trevor’s jokes lies the seemingly absurd and surreal and nature of his experiences. He seems to experience life at the end of the spectrum we all deem unreal and fantastic.

If you can't laugh, you have nothing-Trevor Noah

Trevor comes from humble beginnings. He grew up in Soweto, Johannesburg and currently is set to take over The Daily Show for John Stewart. That’s a rags to riches tale to set your curiosity off! Long story short, Trevor has earned himself the title of being the new host of America’s biggest satirical news show.

The Day Walker becomes the New Yorker

Trevor Noah will be taking the reins on the 28th of September this year! His assuming this position marks the beginning of a new era for the Daily Show. A non-American, known predominantly in his home country-South Africa- alone, will be the new face of America’s influential comedy news T.V show. You have to give it to him, Trevor is a force to be reckoned with.

The burning question: Why Trevor Noah?

According to the network: "He is a student of our culture. But he looks at it from a very different perspective." Also, he is "super, super funny." Perhaps just as crucially, he is a generation removed from the older white men he's replacing. Noah "really understands our audience, because he is one of them".

Source: GQ

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