On Tuesday (11 Sep), Comedy Central held its inaugural African Roast – and out hashtag #RoastZA was the top trend in the country!

Herewith a selection of tweets from the night…

Gareth Davies ‏@Gareth6D
To see south africans, black & white laugh together at jokes about race/ism/ist was one of the most beautiful things ever! #roastza

Takunda Bimha ‏@takundabimha
Big up to @ComedyCentralAF for putting together a blazing #RoastZA last night! Great production all round & job well done!

Umesh bhaga ‏@bugeru
#roastza the roast was awesome. Brilliant host. Anele and steve made it big

MIZZLE ‏@tPelmir
And that ladies and gentlemen is how you entertain your audience. Well done.

Pranay Narotam ‏@pn_yanarp
#roastza..... Awesome.. Hilarious... @Trevornoah

Francois Toerien ‏@FrancoisToerien
Steve H. roast @ Gold Reef. Brilliant. F***ng brilliant. I have hope for ZA.. Thank you. Sela.

craig falck ‏@craigfalck
@ThatsmeAngela @5fm I've just got home from the @steve_hofmeyr Roast and it put the US ones to shame! Amazeballs!

GSuspect ‏@gsuspect
Funny AF cheek bones in Pain, must be like what @Steve_Hofmeyr felt like on weekends away with Uncle Eugene

craig falck ‏@craigfalck
Cannot cannot cannot express the sheer awesomeness of the @steve_hofmeyr Roast!

Keitumetse Naomi N. ‏@KNaomi_N
The Roast was toooooooo sick, mama @Anele killed it! #roastza@

Mohamed Moosa ‏@mohamed1327
Really enjoyed the @ComedyCentralAF #RoastZA I was completely left in stitches! Steve Hofmeyr making a good comeback there ha ha

loyiso gola ‏@loyisogola
Was at the @ComedyCentralAF #roastza, yho you must watch it.

Alistair Joel ‏@AlistairJoel
Well done @comedycentralAF on a brutal roast! Big Ups to @Anele, u surprised me with your roasting talent #RoastZA

Lee-Roy Wright ‏@LeeRoyWright
Ahhhhhh that Steve Hofmeyr roast just gave me a six pack!!!!!!!! Don't miss it the 24th!! #RoastZA

Jean Jordaan ‏@jeanjordaan
Ek het vanaand weer besef hoe baie @casperrasper vir Afrikaans gedoen het, deur net homself te wees. What a guy.

Elma Smit ‏@Elmakapelma
I concur! *applause* RT @jeanjordaan Well done @ComedyCentralAF Best roasters @fortyshort, @casperrasper & @Anele Great production.

Taz van de Biezen ‏@TasvdB
All I'll say is watch Comedy Central on the 24 September!!! The roast was absolutely epic. Nice work @Trevornoah

Lesley Joel ‏@Finding_Les

Just got home from the Comedy Central #RoastZA. It was totes amaze!!! Cheeks r sore from laughing

People Magazine SA ‏@People_SA
So #RoastZA is rude, crude and everything else you'd expect! Catch it on Sept 24th at 21h00 on @comedycentralaf! Channel 122!

euphonik Euphonik ♕
Honestly @ComdeyCentralAF Roast is way better than the international ones! #RoastZA well done!! Can't stop laughing!!

marcellegordon Marcelle Gordon
Confused. Roasts I've watchd & read bout before,involvd insulting an individual for whom there is actually admiration.So why Steve? #RoastZA

tvplus tvplus Magazine
And that's it, folks! The very first @ComedyCentralAF #RoastZA has killed it! Don't miss it on @ComedyCentralAF on Monday 24 Sept!

melbala Melanie Bala
My face is sore from laughing! Whoooo #RoastZA

chrisroper Chris Roper
A strange sight. Minki and Casper DeVries sitting next to each other. It's like before and after silicone explosion. #roastza

chrisroper Chris Roper
Just realised that @steve_hofmeyr is dressed as a gay Neil Diamond. Or some kind of boere Puff Daddy. Puff Papa. #roastza

nicdawes Nicholas Dawes
Is #RoastZA about South Africans' capacity to turn the worst of our shit to fertiliser, or a reputation laundering exercise for a racist?

clintdebeer Clint De Beer™

#RoastZA is the best I've seen - Set your PVR for Chan122 #ComedyCentral on 24 September - Sheer Brilliance!!!!!

vivapalooka Viva Palooka
#RoastZA Brilliant. Thanks peeps for the tweets. Shouts to @yolande_viljoen and @ChrisRoper. Still laughing. Thank you and goodnight.

Steve Hofmeyr ‏@steve_hofmeyr
Ek het net heeltyd vir Janine gesoek om te sien hoe sy dit verdra. Sy was taai. Great gehoor! Great 1ste Afrika Roast. Vreesloos. Dankie! X

Steve Hofmeyr ‏@steve_hofmeyr
Roast done. Genadeloos. Noah&Anele goed. Vlismas smaakloos. Casper, Sharleen briljant.Kuli genail. Kau verrassend. PG 25. Wees gewaarsku.

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