11th November, 2015

In the spirit of Africa's BIGGEST Comedy Festival, we have chatted to the crazy-funny Dusty Rich in an online interview regarding all things #CCIComedyFest.

Q: Hi Dusty! How are you on this hot Jhb day?

DUSTY: I am just a puddle at this stage, just moving around by osmosis.

Q: Talking about this heat, have you ever been roasted before? By a human, not the sun.

DUSTY: We all get roasted everyday by life, life is like hey you know how you're having a good day? Burst geyser! burn! LoL!

Q: Life... What are your thoughts on taking the roast to stage at #CCIComedyFest with Jeff Ross? Nervous?

DUSTY: Roasts=Affection. Will meet Jeff Ross & fall in love. Even if he looks like a walking pancreas with less function.

Q: That love is deep man! Who are you most excited about seeing at #CCIComedyFest besides the Roast Master Jeff Ross?

DUSTY: Hannibal Buress, Trevor Noah & locals Mojak Lehoko, Robby Collins, Simmi Areff, Gavin Kelly, Dillan Oliphant & Nina Hastie.

Q: We can't wait to see them either! Do you have any wise words for your fellow roastees who will be joining u on stage?

Have a good time and go cry to your mama. This roast is where I make my mark, my skid mark!

Q:Your energy is infectious! What are you wanting to take away from the#CCIComedyFest experience?

DUSTY: That's cause I have ADD HD PVR. I don't want to take anything away. Just want give laughs, burns and herpes.

Q: Let's give you your own personal mic in light of that message... On a serious note, who is your comedic role model?

DUSTY: Never serious! Pryor, Connolly, Carrey, Murphy, Cook, Fox, Brand, D'Elia, Noah, Levinsohn, etc etc

Q: Comedic legends indeed! Thanks for the fun convo, any last words for your fans?

DUSTY: It's so hot be a fan, tell others to be a fan!

Q: Very punny! We look forward to seeing you leave those skid marks on stage at #CCIComedyFest!!

DUSTY: Bring extra panties! It's gonna be a hot one.

Q: Gentlemen... You heard the man!               

Comedy fans can catch Dusty Rich alongside Celeste Ntuli, Chris Forrest, Trevor Gumbi, Dillan Oliphant, John Vlismas and Roast Master Jeff Ross on the 4th December at 20:00 at SilverStar Casino.

Click here for tickets.

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