Rodney season one will be on Comedy Central, Monday to Friday afternoons at 15:30 CAT!

Rodney Carrington is a talented comedian, actor, and writer who has recorded eight major record label comedy albums selling over 3 million copies. Rodney starred in his own TV sitcom Rodney.

In Rodney, Carrington will take the audience on an enlightening trip into the real middle class America. In the tradition of Home Improvement and Roseanne, Rodney is a down-to-earth guy's guy who, with heart, intelligence and a candid view on life.

The show's story revolves around character Rodney Hamilton from Tulsa, Oklahoma where Hamilton resides with his wife and three boys, he secretly wishes to quit or get fired from his job that he hates while doing stand-up in dive bars at night. He may not have much money, but he still finds excitement and wishes to become a full time stand-up comedian.

Rodney's life revolves around his family - his wife Trina (Jennifer Aspen) and his sons Jack (Oliver Davis) and Bo (Matthew Josten). He also spends a lot of time with his crazy sister in-law, Charlie (Amy Pietz) and his best friend Barry Martin (Nick Searcy) who constantly tries to escape his wife Genie.

Another recurring character is police officer Gerald Bob (Jon Reep), who has a sexual relationship with Rodney's sister-in-law, Charlie.

Rodney isn't afraid to walk into a department store naked on a dare. Not afraid to take credit for flowers someone else sent his wife. Not afraid to get between his fighting boys. Not afraid to tell his wife he wants to make stand-up his career. He's going to figure out how to find happiness while being the best damn husband, dad and son he knows how to be.