The Big Bang Theory Couples Marathon Competition

2nd February, 2018

If there was no gravity on earth would you still fall for Sheldon & Leonard? Or do you just love the besties bond between Penny & her crew? Is it Raj and Howard or Bernadette and Howard? But what about Shamy?

We want to know what keeps you coming back for more! Vote for your favorite Big Bang Theory bromance, womance or romance and you will be one step closer to winning a once in a lifetime trip to watch a LIVE recording of The Big Bang Theory!

The road to victory is however not as simple as you might think. Once you’ve submitted your answer you will be presented with THE ULTIMATE BIG BANG THEORY FAN QUIZ. Complete the quiz with marks that would make even Sheldon “Meh” with pride and you will be entered into the draw for the final round and a shot at that grand prize! Good Luck!

Terms and conditions apply.

Tune in to Comedy Central on the 4th March to find out which Big Bang romance, bromance or clique is the fan favourite!



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